Welcome to Linnunpoika (Baby bird)!
Linnunpoika offers private daycare and a variety of other child care services. Perhaps you need a nanny at your cottage/hotel or wish to bring your child to a cosy and calm environment for the day?
Linnunpoika is located on the south side of Ylläs, in the village of Ylläsjärvi. Call us or email us and we'll figure out the best solution for your child care requirements., +358 458766107


The child is brought to a Linnunpoika (baby bird)

Weekday_____22/hour (includes a warm meal, snack as needed)

Weekends / holidays _____25//hour (includes a warm meal, snack as needed)

Babysitter arrives at the cottage / hotel / event (less than 30km trips no charged miles)

weekday____ 25€/hour

Weekends / holidays___30€/hour